Vinoteca, Farringdon

I arrive just after 6pm, ask for a table for two, get a quick ‘no-all-tables-full’, throw a few longing glances at an empty corner table, get a thumbs up from another waiter, and am lead to the last free space. Prosecco to celebrate! Excellent bubbly on tap = awesome.

I’ve arrived early and spend a good half hour reading the wine list. Not because I know anything but because it is THICK and really quite an interesting read, with wines from literally everywhere and long descriptions of each. Party!

After taking advantage of the cheap and cheerful Prosecco we order: salad of figs and burrata with walnuts and a rather nice honey. It is delicious, yes it is.

More nibbles: chipirones with sorrel mayo. I like them because they are the tiniest and cutest baby squid I’ve ever laid eyes on, I want to adopt them and see them grow big, no really, I want to eat them. My handsome dinner companion who’s spent a lot more time in Spain than I thinks they are average but gobbles them up anyway.

For main I want MEAT so order the bavette steak, served with chorizo butter, chips and smoked ketchup. Bavette, which I’ve never had before, is flank, a fairly tough cut with lots of flavour. It is PERFECT for me who love to chew my meat and falls asleep over fillet. A very satisfying dish which I’d go back for.

For dessert we share a creme brulee with caramelised pear; the cream is textbook perfect but the pears too hard. Still, a nice end. We leave happy but not overwhelmed; I would go back for food if I was in the area but not travel to go. I don’t know if you’re allowed to just drink; that would certainly be a very nice night out.


4 thoughts on “Vinoteca, Farringdon

  1. Sounds like a great meal. I'm with you, love bavette, it's all about the flavour rather than something softer but without the taste or feel of meat!

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